Crawdad and Grasshopper Structure and Function Dissection Lab

The focus of this dissection is to compare and contrast arthropods from two different classes (crustaceans and insects). You will be
examining ways they are similar and different, both internally, and externally.

The second objective for this lab is the focus on structure and function. A major theme of all Biology is the relationship between structure and function in living things. In a Zoology course, this is heightened due to the organismal level of the class. Structure describes how something is put together, and function describes how something works, or a job the structure performs. An inference is a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning.

OBJECTIVE: Students will observe a structure (how the organism is built) and infer the function it performs in an organism. Students will observe structures and infer functions at the cellular, tissue, organ, and organismal levels of living things.

The student will identify various structures and infer functions about them because of the way they are built.

This document will be our guide to help us develop our lab writeup

You need to design your lab using this document as a guide. As your "regard to" option, several of your responses should be tied to structure and function. This is a requirement for the final lab writeup.

Day 1 - External Anatomy

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